Sandhersons Lingerie Company Ltd is a UK based women's apparel manufacturer. We specialise in Women's Sleepwear and Loungewear.  The core value of our business is that we believe in producing high quality products for all our clients, providing exceptional client service.

Est. Since 1977



We supply to a range of wholesalers and retailers. The orders are made to tailor and therefore, each client receives exclusivity for their product lines. We are confident that we have the experience and resources to supply great quality goods at competitive prices.

Our Clients

Made in England

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Our clients buy our garments because of our quality, service and that we are a British manufacturer. There's a certain sense of comfort knowing that we are a company based in the U.K. and you can come visit us at any time to view your order in production. Our aim is to ethically manufacture in UK for future generations.