Once the sample has been placed into production, we have supervisors that keep a control on the quality of the item. This is to ensure each and every product is identical and meets the given criteria. We have agreed lead times at the start of the production and aim to have the goods delivered to your warehouse for the agreed time. Our communication skills are exceptional, therefore you're always at comfort knowing we're approachable at all times.


Packaging is an important component for quality driven companies.  If you have an image as to how you envisage your finished product in its entire packaging, we can help you build on those ideas. We can also source the packaging materials for you, there's no obligations for you choose our suppliers, if you are happy to source all your components and would like us to just manufacture, we have no problem in doing so. 


Our prices are most competitive when compared with other UK manufacturers and Importers. Our quoted prices include all aspects of the production i.e. from the cost of the fabric to the packaging of the product. We ensure that our prices reflect the service and products you receive from our ethically operated company. 


Our Vision


We have an exceptionally large warehouse where we store our own designs, fabrics and garments. If you have outsourced your fabric from a third party, we have the flexibility and resources to store it for you, hassle free. Alternatively, you can choose a fabric from our stock which will be held exclusively for you. The important thing here is that we do not charge you for holding your stock up to an agreed amount of time. This is to give you time to plan how you intend to store your garments in your storage units.

Start to Finish

Our vision simply put is to be continuously improving. We want to expand our business networks, maintain strong relations with suppliers and clients on a global scale.

 We are a manufacturer that operates an ethical practice and produces high quality garments in the U.K. Our production staff has been working with us for over 35 years purely because we believe in employee welfare. People join our business knowing they have an opportunity to build a future within this company.  

 We believe manufacturing is all about innovation, technique and consistency. Sandhersons has over 40 years of experience in Manufacturing in the U.K. Our business experience tells us that a garment is desired because of its quality, price and branding and we can compete on all three criteria’s.

Other Considerations


One of the first stages of the design process is the selection of the fabric, the fabric and design are directly linked. From our experience we understand that certain designs complement certain fabrics. In order to get a sample made it is important but not essential to have the fabric either in stock or on order. As a manufacturer, we maintain strong business relations with our fabric suppliers, therefore if you require a fabric, we can certainly source the desired fabric for you.

Manufacturing in India

It's important to note that we have a manufacturing subsidiary set up in India that also manufacturers women's nightwear. It is an option available to you if you would prefer us to manufacture offshore. The benefit here is of course price, however, the downfall is the lead time as it takes substantially longer to import goods. We personally guarantee Sandhersons quality of the production whether produced in India or UK. If you would like to know more about this option, please get in touch and we would be happy to talk you through the entire process.

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We work very closely with our clients to achieve the design they have in mind for their customers. We advise all our clients to give us a design brief in the form of a sample, picture, drawing - Something we can breakdown to understand measurements and finish.  We would then produce a sample for you to examine and pass. If you are happy with the sample produced, we would then go ahead with passing that sample onto the production team.   

Minimum Order Quantity

At Sandhersons we do not exercise the policy of a minimum order.  We would love to hear about what you intend to manufacture and depending on whether it is a feasible project, we would love to manufacture for your company. Having said this, our capacity to manufacture in bulk is substantial. For example, at full capacity we can manufacture up to a 1000 garments within a week.  This includes folding, packing and wrapping, however it does depend on the complexity of the garment.